Another shot

I've just been trying to explain to middle why we might be moving her to a new school. She is dead against it. Said it was in her best interest, old school the teachers are hopeless, constant low level bullying isn't good for her, new place be more focused. Acknowledged the loss of her friend group is huge but it can't be the only reason to stay at old school. When she realised it was a real possibility, she said only if don't use real name. Which got onto the topic of changing herself because I said it makes me sad she wants to erase herself. She said I'm changing myself. So then told her all the things that are wonderful about her and I wouldn't want to change. She's crying by this point. I'm almost. I again gave the growing up, bound to be changes, part of becoming an adult speech, but you can't fundamentally change who you are,  that you will always be you. I told her it made me so upset to know that she hates herself so much that she wants to do this to herself. I said the affirmation path is now known to be dangerous with psychological risk and that I'm so sad her and her sister got caught in this huge medical scandal. One thing she said, which I'm holding on to was something about growing up, seeing how things are when she's older or similar. 🙏


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