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This is how queer theory works in real time

So my eldest was at a day camp as a volunteer leader and was eating tic tacs. A wee 6yr old asks for one, and as they're not allowed to share food, my eldest said "It was a present from my boyfriend". The reasoning was that it's easier to say no tic tic, it's a present. Anyway, the wee 6yr old then says "You got a boyfriend? Do you take it up the arse?" There was then the conversation about the inappropriateness of what he'd said. He was fairly unperturbed.  My eldest then went to the boss to inform them of what happened. My eldest got into trouble for bringing personal life into the conversation. Now my eldest thinks boss is homophobic and thinks the boss would've been fine if she'd said  "My girlfriend gave it to me." 🫠🤦‍♀️

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