**Suddenly Trans? READ THIS FIRST**

Dear Parents 

Is your child Suddenly Trans? Does your child suddenly want to be the opposite sex? Are you being harangued by new language and is your once connected happy family now a battleground of gender?

I want you to know right now, that what is happening in your family is not your fault as a parent and your child isn't really trans. It is down to several factors. You are not to blame. You have been blindsided by gender identity. 

That's not to say your child isn't struggling in some way but also it could just as easily be a bandwagon of social contagion. That is the problem with an adult agenda with very little science or plausible data being taught to children. 

I want you to know the very least of it, is your choice as a parent not to affirm your child's new name or pronouns. When we faced this situation, we were unaware of the possible consequences, which have since been outlined in the CASS review (independent review of the Tavistock Clinic) that states that affirming names and pronouns is not a neutral act and it could also lead to a child being pushed further down the medicalisation and surgery route. Being a strong and stable base of truth that consistently and genuinely continues to use your child's name and pronouns as they were born, will help ground your child in reality. 

The least of it is your attempted communication regarding the situation with your children. You are listening to a script, you are listening to an idea, you are listening to science that has been debunked many times over. Many times you are listening to your child parrot information they have heard online and in schools.

Your children are being introduced to gender ideology in schools, some starting from nursery. A little bit here and a little bit there. By the time your child reaches primary 7 and is going into high school (where gender ideology is further solidified) your child will learn that:-

There are people who don't feel right in themselves and in the body they have.
It's possible to be born in the wrong body 
It is possible to easily change sex
Sex is actually on a spectrum
A little boy is now a girl with a penis 
Sex is assigned at birth

Slowly but surely, this ideology is planting the seed that transgender is innate and sex is no longer defined by adult human male or adult human female. Your children are being taught they can be born in the wrong body and that changing your sex will cure their life, ease their heart and soothe their mind.

Since the new sex education came into schools and this whole ideology has been pushed online, things have become worse for vulnerable children.

For us, lockdown compounded and made things 4000% worse.

I use that odd number because it has stuck in my head because when both my girls became Suddenly Trans during lockdown, I learned there was a 4000% increase in referrals to GIDS, of them 76% were girls and 48% of them had autism. This was a huge red flag that wasn't being waved by enough people. I already am a voracious reader and it didn't take me long to delve into what was happening for my kids and it was clear it was happening for many many kids all over the world. 

More to come….meantime here are help, advice and support groups for parents:- 

Our Duty https://ourduty.group/

Genspect https://genspect.org/

Transgendered Trend https://www.transgendertrend.com/

Bayswater https://www.bayswatersupport.org.uk/


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