Conversation with my eldest aged 13 about gender idewoogly.


Me: So non binary is an umbrella term for everyone who doesn't want to be male or female?

13yrold: Yes but the actual term for me is agender which is no gender I just don't want to confuse you that much.

Ok agender

You are getting confused between non binary and trans

It's ok I'm ok so non binary is an umbrella term and you are now agender.

Not now always I just didn't want to confuse you.

Yes but before you said you were gay, then you said you were lesbian...anyway, now you are agender.

Gay is a sexuality there is a difference obviously. Gay is a sexuality then its bi/pan.

And then you were bisexual..


Then you were non binary and now you are agender but non binary is an umbrella term.

So you can still use it.


Non binary and bi, a non binary bi so meaning I like girls and boys.

So you are neither but you like both.

Yes so if I like non binary as well as girls and boys.
But how can I say you are neither when I can see you and I know that I gave birth to you and you have a vagina and boobies and you are menstruating.

I know this may sound very contradicting but non binary me, trust me...

I love you..

Trust me..
I love you...

Trust me on this, a non binary female, it makes sense. It means I am female at birth sort of comfortable with my body but I prefer to be what's the word., called.... brainstorm, hold on...referred to. I prefer to be referred to as non binary or agender. So you know, they are the same thing technically but you know.


Cool, now I'm going to put some dolphins in this pit (minecraft)

I'm interested and I do love you

No, sharks

You're not allowed sharks (in minecraft)
You don't love me you, sharks

I don't love you sharks love you?

No you sharks me

Quickly text ****

I dont love you

You sharks me

I sharks you

I proper sharks you.


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