Happy Happy Joy Joy POWERLESS

Eldest is moving out. We didn't want her to. We asked her to wait till university instead of college, so wait a year. She applied for student loan and got it within less than a week, I think (fucking Scottish government, amazing but 🫤). She's looking for uni rental and talking about places in dodgy areas. We've steered her away but this is happening. I had expected this year to be our last chance, maybe talk more about testosterone and the problems of gender idewoogly. Now we've got until August the latest, but she's rarely ever here, and basically, I think it's too late, and now I have to get on board or make it to horrible experience. Of course, now it's down to me to be the best mother I can ever be with her, despite her behaviour, or I'll lose her. 

If it wasn't for gender ideology (and now CRT, as I've just watched some of that video about Amy Gallagher OMG!), if it wasn't for the total brainwashed she is, I would be delighted. It's time, she's of that age. I want to be delighted and happy and now I'm having to fake it till I make it, which I'm really shit at cos I'm an authentic person and it shows on my face and sometimes with my nasty streak! 😈 I'm just so bummed gender ideology has fucked us in the arse again and I just have to lie there and stick my woke arse in the air. 😒😢


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