How? How is that a linear sensical conclusion for a child?

WTF happened to OUR family right NOT to instantly affirm OUR children? What happened to our family right to practice our religion, which is NOT an ideology, the study of an idea. Gender Ideology. An idea that told my children they could be born in the wrong body and that being autistic and GNC means they are somehow now boys. One started out as suddenly gay, you know? We had a whole reveal. I don't remember it. Probably blocked it out. My husband probably remembers, seared on his brain maybe. Too traumatised to talk about it? He rarely talks about it all. I'll ask him.

It was dramatic, I remember that. That was followed by lesbian. (Yes, she was confused with gay/lesbian) Then she was non binary, then they/them for a long time, then suddenly after years and after telling us she knew she was a girl, she became a boy. Now a gay man. It's all so familiar to so many families, this same trajectory. How? How is that a linear sensical conclusion for a child? The other watched her sister and decided she was a boy too. Then the whole world agreed. How can you roll back from that?

Where is my article for family life? Who the fuck knows? Who cares? I dont know and I've got dinner to make. 

Where is it?



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