CassReport thoughts

So there's the evidence. There's the proof. There's those 3 words that we have been experiencing for almost 6yrs.
Grave Psychological Risk
Seeing it in writing. Seeing it confirm the evidence we've already lived in front of our eyes with our children's deteriorating mental and physical health. Finally someone is saying the quiet part out loud.
I thought love, attachment and connection would be enough. I thought building those important attachment bonds would stand in good stead for my children to be in a world that lacks compassion and understanding. I was the total opposite of a helicopter parent. I allowed my childten to explore, to experience, to be a total part of. Their body, their choice. Choice of clothes. Choice of food. Choice. Autonomy. Involved. Guided by us in a gentle supportive way. I am their planet, they satellite around me.
I never imagined they would be suckered into an ideology that makes no scientific, medical or logical sense. An ideology that strips bare those bonds and destroys any connections and attachments.
I feel betrayed by the school, used by CAMHS and abused by a system set to be against parents and the family unit. The damage has been consistently done for the last 6yrs.
I thought we would be enough and now it's too late. 😢


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