Puberty Blockers banned (not exactly)

We worked damn hard to keep our children away from puberty blockers. Our middle was fast tracked by Sandyford to the gender clinic. The day of the appointment was an important festival so we couldn't make it. Thank G-d! 🙏 The next appointment was also a festival! Then the story about Mermaids and Tavistock came out and we hesitated. Sandyford emailed us to try and alleviate our concern. It was signed he/him by the Principal psychologist, how unprofessional we thought and refused the offer to meet. 

We have navigated our way through puberty age 10-17 with both kids only to be met with the NEXT PHASE of this unbearable journey....testosterone. the dreaded, ugly, soul destroying T. 

It feels we are no further out of our dystopian hellhole. Puberty may be coming to an end and whilst I'm absolutely delighted to hear about the puberty blockers ban in England, it doesn't help our family who are on this trans trajectory for life because the school, society and the government pushed them down the affirmation path. It also doesn't help vulnerable autistic children that will end up bring part of 'clinical trials'. Trials my arse. Experimental frankenstein trials more like.

Ironically, our eldest was NOT given an appointment for the gender clinic at age 12. They didn't feel she met the criteria. CAMHS confirmed she doesn't have gender dysphoria or an eating disorder yet she's on the waiting list for T, and we now have to wait another agonising 5yrs for that appointment. Will these important facts about my child be conveyed in 5yrs time or will my child have embedded herself so far in there's no way out?


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