THE WHOLE WORLD IS CAPTURED. We're fighting a losing battle.

Fuck sake. You know, in 2020, when my CHILD started being captured by #GenderIdeology she was only about TEN. Ten years of being a child in a loving, connected reality based family.

For you to then take from her that she identifies as a boy just by saying so, and so is one, is really infuriating and devastating.  To then put it on her autism medical diagnosis letter through name and pronouns is even worse. You haven't shown proper research that shows using wrong pronouns increases self harm. You haven't listened to anything that we wrote. You ignored all our research.  You're just jumped up private psychiatrists who had to join a private medical firm and play along with the delusion and collude with CAMHS.  I shouldn't have expected anything less when you came on the screen with pink hair. It isn't your remit to change my child's sex.

My child was told it was possible to be a boy just by saying so, so she did. She's getting older and realising reality, but now she's being told she can take medicines and have surgeries and FIX her wrong body.

You are contributing to this ideology with your wrong quote from the @NHSScotland via @TheBMA

I simply can't understand why everyone is doing this to my children. We feel targeted and blindsided by everyone in medical positions in Scotland. Everyone seems to be on the same dangerous and weird playbook except us. These past 5yrs have been a delicate dystopian serated tightrope balancing act from hell, and EVERY time we try and get support, something like this happens.

She is a CHILD now, and she was a CHILD then. In @theSNP Scotland, she won't be a child for very long. 😭

Ps. It makes no sense that the diagnosis letter is preferred name and pronouns but your response to our letter used her real ones??????? Mindfuck is what I call that.


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