Is it too late for some?

What kills me the most is that it's embedded now. There's no balance. There's no way back. So many vulnerable children are being pushed into an ideology, without other medical, social and emotional factors being taken into account. Also due to the fear and smear tactics of extremists and due to our government receiving unbalanced, dubious and extremely concerning advice from only one kind of source. It often feels too far gone.

Each and every one of us who are in this situation is looking for that elusive secret magic key but that's not always going to help. It's agonisingly painful to feel so impotent against the raging machine that is gender ideology. It's so polarised. It's so contentious. It's embedded into the next generation now. Schools push it, but it's everywhere now for the next who knows how long? Being suddenly trans is not the cure. If you have to fundamentally and surgically change yourself it can't be. It just can't. No one is born in the wrong body. How did this become the actual self fulfilled prophecy cry of every teenager in the throes of puberty? It's not enough to just drop this on vulnerable children and expect it to be OK. 


  1. You're entirely right. Notice that the TRA commentators on your twitter threads are so locked in the bubble they don't even know basic facts or updated findings, like puberty blockers AREN'T reversible. Know that there are lots of people working on this inside and outside schools to end this.


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