Stay away from the truth

I am always eventually told to keep off social media because it's worsening my mental health but then all the parent support groups are online. They are full of bereft, grieving, angry, traumatised mum's and dad's in the same position as me. Admittedly, as an empath, it can be unbearable. It's the similarity of the stories and scripts that keep coming up from our children that hits me hardest.
All have been blindsided and are questioning the narrative. Some are just starting, as their children are introduced to gender ideology in schools and online. Their children are coming home with this new fangled crazy ideology that says maybe you are born in the wrong body. If you make everyone say you are a boy and you tell everyone you are boy, then that means you are one. If that doesn't work (which it won't because reality) then move onto the next stage..and the next stage..until before you know it you have a piece of your arm made into a faux penis and attached approximately to your groin area. You're also a lifelong medicalised patient with lifetime of medical problems. Most are irreversible.
Hopefully they are young enough to not be all over social media platforms where it's cemented as truth and not just an ideology, an idea, an idea grown from money and adults built on misinformation, manipulation and untruths.
Some of these families are in way worse positions. Some have children already taking puberty blockers which are irreversible and cause infertility and inability to orgasm. Some have already had the double mastectomy "honour badge" and their children are still not happy. All of these children have other health problems or mental health issues or have suffered previous trauma. All of which can prevent a child from growing emotionally enough to deal with gender ideology. These children are susceptible and vulnerable and easily led by a social contagion.
It's just truly awful. All that from normal loving families.
So I stay on social media, I find ways to say things in a sciency way, I find the important articles, the important people talking about this issue and I shout from the rooftops. I write to everyone I can think of. And when I am alone and the kids are all out. I cry. Then I do some more stupid boring housework or animal work. And I cry. Then I research more and write to anyone who might listen. Then I go on twitter to get the up to date, real time tracking of my children's future and the furture of society. And I weep.
One day all of our pushing and writing and speaking up will get through to the good people. The people who see this is an adult agenda and an adult ideology and is not fit for purpose or children.
Then more families will be saved from this hellhole of a nightmare they've suddenly found themselves in.

Written 17.4.23


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